Do You Need Debt Recovery Or Credit Control Advice?

The ability to collect in outstanding debts is vital to ensure that a business continues to run smoothly and grow. The importance of effective credit control functions are too often overlooked leading to cash-flow difficulties and on occasion, complete failure of the business itself.

The litigation team at Francis Wilks & Jones has a proven track record in debt collection for a wide range of clients. Our results are extremely impressive both in terms of the amounts recovered and the true cost of those recoveries to our clients.

Our aim for clients is a simple one:

Collect the debt in as quickly as possible at the cheapest cost.

How do we do this?

Simply put, we always try and collect in debts by using the “insolvency” based recovery routes.

We choose this method of collecting debts over the more “traditional” County Court and High Court routes, even in smaller value claims.

Our approach works. Click here to see our results.

We recognise that not all claims are suitable for the “insolvency” route and FWJ is very experienced in dealing with the more traditional County Court and High Court claims.

As with all types of claim, we constantly look for ways to achieve a good result as quickly as possible.

Our team is also backed by a state of the art IT system to enable bulk handling of claims where the situation requires. We also have the ability to interact with your own accounts package to enable swift and precise exchange of information to enable the recovery process to proceed without delay.