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Served with County Court proceedings?

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Welcome to Francis Wilks & Jones, the Country’s leading firm of County Court lawyers. 

A claim in the County Court is normally served by a creditor against a company or individual seeking payment of money it is owed. County Court claims are issued for amounts from between £10,000 - £50,000. 

Whatever the reason for receiving the County Court proceedings, it is important to act quickly. Failure to do so could result in a judgment against you and this can dramatically affect your credit rating. It can also lead to a High Court Enforcement Officer seizing goods from your home or company. Failure to deal with the claim properly could lead to you being responsible for the other parties’ legal costs and if Judgment is obtained against you - can also lead to a winding up petition being issued against a company or a bankruptcy petition against an individual. 

Professional advice is strongly recommended. At Francis Wilks & Jones we can guide you through the County Court process, help you defend the claim and take the stress of the proceedings away from you. 

Thinking of issuing a claim in the County Court?

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We undertake many hundreds of county court cases. At Francis Wilks & Jones we can help you issue proceedings for recovery of monies quickly and cheaply. By using our bespoke case management system we can issue proceedings the same day and take advantage of lower court issue fees. We can also advise you on the prospects of success of your claim and also whether any other debt recovery methods might be more appropriate for you.

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