Residential Landlord Services

At Francis Wilks & Jones we offer expert legal services to landlords of residential property and we understand the residential tenants have to be treated differently to commercial tenants. Unlike many of our competitors in this field, we are a regulated firm of lawyers who can offer genuine expertise to our clients in a cost effective manner and in a fully regulated environment.

Many of the landlords we assist have portfolios ranging from single properties to professional landlords with extensive nationwide properties.

We understand what matters most to residential landlords:

A fast and cost effective way to evict tenants and recover your property

Eviction Services for Residential Property

Speed and accuracy are crucial in ensuring you recover possession of your property whilst keeping any rental losses and void periods to a minimum.

Our dedicated team follow a fast-action process to recovery your property whilst keeping you updated every step of the way through its bespoke case management system. Click here to read more.

Service of legal notices on your tenant Read more

We will review your tenancy agreement and draft and serve the correct legal notices on your tenant to start the process to recovering your property, whether your tenant is in rent arrears or if you simply require your property back. You can choose to have your notice(s) hand-delivered by our in-house process server or sent via special delivery.

It is crucial that these notices are drafted correctly. Incorrect notices will cause further delays and lost rental income if you need to apply to Court. As expert lawyers, we ensure that documents are drafted quickly and correctly every time.

Many tenants will leave after they receive our notices achieving your goal very quickly.

If they do not leave, we progress quickly to Stage 2 – an application to Court

Application to Court for a Possession Order Read more

In the event your tenant(s) do not leave after the legal notice expires, the next stage is to make a formal application to Court. Our specialist team will complete all the necessary forms and apply to Court on your behalf and obtain a Possession Order for your property.

With the current court system under pressure, our expertise can help you avoid significant delays caused by poor drafting of documents and lack of knowledge of the court system.

Our expertise in comparison to our competitors can avoid the unfortunate situation of cases being struck out resulting in increasing rent arrears and further lost time.

Removal of tenant Read more

If your tenant refuses to leave by the date set by the Court, we can immediately instruct either County Court bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers to physically remove your tenant from the property. Our knowledge and expertise in this area means this is done quickly and efficiently using the correct legal processes at all times.

Our knowledge of the Court enforcement system helps avoid further unnecessary delays.

Debt Recovery Services for Residential Landlords

If your tenant leaves during the fixed-term of your tenancy or owes you rent after we evict them, we have a dedicated Recovery Team at Francis Wilks & Jones that can review your claim and advise you as to the best way to get your money back.

Click here to find out more about the debt recovery services we offer.

Tenant Tracing Read more

It is imperative that you know where your tenant lives if you want to recover your debt. If your tenant disappears, we have a dedicated fast-action tracing service that can find them.

County Court Judgment Read more

If you do not have a County Court Judgment for the money you are owed, we will send your tenant a formal letter demanding payment in full. Should they fail to pay you, we will complete the necessary forms and apply to Court on your behalf for Judgment.

Attachment of Earnings Order Read more

If your tenant is employed, we can apply to Court and seek an order that the employer makes payments to the Court from your tenant’s salary. These payments will then in turn be paid to you.

Charging Order Read more

If your tenant owns any property we can apply for a formal charge over that property on your behalf which accumulates interest and secures your debt.

High Court Enforcement Officers Read more

We can instruct HCEO’s to visit your tenant and seize goods to value of your debt, negotiate re-payment plans and collect money on your behalf.

Bankruptcy Demands Read more

We can serve your tenant with a bankruptcy petition and apply to make them bankrupt should they fail to pay. We can then arrange for a hard hitting Trustee in Bankruptcy to be appointed free of charge in order to seek recovery of your monies.

Winding up Petitions Read more

Whilst your property might be residential, if your tenant is a company we can apply to wind up their business if they are unable to pay. We can then arrange for a hard hitting Insolvency Practitioner to be appointed free of charge in order to seek recovery of your monies.

For further information about how we can help you, call our specialist Residential Landlord team today on 0207 841 0390 for your free and confidential consultation.