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If you need legal advice, you'll also want reassurance that you're getting it from the right firm. Here are some testimonials to help you decide whether that's us.

Director services

Francis Wilks & Jones were helpful in providing assistance with a very difficult director dispute. Their advice was practical and commercial and it was always provided promptly. They advised on and prepared a successful application to appoint an interim director. This was dealt with thoroughly and swiftly taking into account the urgency of the situation.

Mark Keeley, Partner & Joint Head of Private Client Services Division and Platinum Connect Services at Freeths

Over the ten years we have worked together, FWJ continue to achieve exceptional results year on year. Andy Wilks and the team have been a pleasure to work with and have always provided pragmatic, commercial and accurate advice on a wide range of matters. FWJ have become an integral part of our business and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

A longstanding client whom we have advised on various matters

If there was ever a star rating for law firms, Francis Wilks & Jones would score five stars plus. Professional and pro-active, they were able to understand my problem quickly, provide expert advice, outline a solution and put it into place with a successful outcome. I should have gone to them sooner.

A client we successfully defended in director disqualification and insolvency related proceedings

I approached Francis Wilks & Jones facing the prospect of prosecution by the Registrar of Companies and a very real prospect of disqualification as a Director by the Court. I found Francis Wilks & Jones very experienced in dealing with this type of prosecution, they were able to review the evidence, advise and deal with matters such that they exceeded my expectations by not only avoiding an order for my disqualification as a Director, but they also negotiated a complete withdrawal of the prosecution. This has been such a relief and weight off my mind after many years and I am very grateful to FWJ. I strongly recommend instructing them at the very earliest opportunity to help guide you in the best possible way to hopefully avoiding proceedings or at least to taking the best steps at the right time to minimise the potential severity, impact and overall costs of any proceedings. Timely advice, realistic expectations, prioritisation and logical legal presentation were key.

A company director we successfully defended

One of the most astute appointments I have ever made.

A company director we successfully defended against disqualification

FWJ exceeded my expectations by not only avoiding an order for my disqualification as a director but also negotiating a complete withdrawal of the prosecution. This has been such a relief and weight off my mind after many years and I am very grateful to them. I strongly recommend instructing them at the very earliest opportunity. Timely advice, realistic expectations, prioritisation and logical legal presentation were key.

A company director we successfully defended against a director disqualification claim by the Registrar of Companies

I was impressed with the quality of the service provided and with how easily accessible and approachable the team was. FWJ’s help meant that I was able to safeguard the jobs of my staff and ensure that my customers had uninterrupted access to services in what was an incredibly difficult time for me. I wish I had instructed them earlier. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The director of a company that had gone into administration to whom we provided insolvency and restructuring advice

FWJ were very hands-on, getting involved from an early stage in seeking to avert an expensive set of litigation proceedings. I am more than happy to recommend their services, particularly when it comes to considering complicated issues or complex proceedings.

A client who was facing a liquidator claim for the improper withdrawal of sums from a company. We had the claim dismissed

Francis Wilks & Jones dealt with all negotiations through to settlement for a sum which I was able to afford. This was a magnificent result and their fees paid for themselves as a result of the settlement which otherwise may have led to bankruptcy proceedings against me. I am very fortunate that I instructed this firm and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any director in similar circumstances.

A client who was facing claims by a liquidator for the improper withdrawal of sums from an insolvent company. We negotiated a settlement

Francis Wilks & Jones acted with great professionalism, responding quickly to my requirements, leading to an eventual withdrawal of the claim against me and my son. I am extremely grateful.

A client who approached us just two weeks before the trial of a large director disqualification claim against him and his son

I would strongly recommend using FWJ for director disqualification matters. Tactically and commercially they played it just right and I am now able to get on with my business life without the worry of disqualification hanging over me.

A director we defended against a disqualification claim

I was greatly impressed with FWJ. Their commercial approach combined with specialist knowledge and tactical expertise was pivotal in the claim being dropped and costs recovered in full.

A director we defended in disqualification proceedings

I was greatly impressed with the commercial, tactical and technical ability of the team at FWJ. They quickly got to grips with a complex set of facts and, through their hard work, had the proceedings against me dropped and a significant proportion of my legal fees repaid. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

A director we defended against a disqualification claim and other claims brought by a liquidator

I was delighted by the work done by the team at FWJ and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their legal and tactical knowledge was spot on. I can now continue to grow my business free from the worry of my original disqualification.

A director we defended against a disqualification claim

We are extremely happy with the service provided to us by FWJ (Stephen Downie).

They assisted and lead us through a very lengthy and involved process involving a director disqualification and obtaining leave to be a director. This culminated in a substantially reduced disqualification period whilst simultaneously FWJ conducted an application for leave to be granted to continue act as a director of our family business, despite the disqualification.

We would strongly recommend FWJ to anyone in our situation

A company director we assisted in a disqualification claim

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Shareholder services

Supportive and friendly with partner-led involvement, I would recommend Francis Wilks & Jones to anyone facing a similar situation.

A shareholder who turned to us after discovering that his co-shareholder was profiting well from their business while he was being paid a pittance. We helped him find a way out of the business by selling his shares

Francis Wilks & Jones were responsive, available at all times to deal with any of my queries and very reassuring. I would definitely recommend them to deal with proceedings brought on behalf of shareholders – they understood our practical needs.

A shareholder we helped bring unfair prejudice proceedings against a fellow shareholder who had been interfering with the management of the company and damaging its value

I have found FWJ to be perceptive, to the point and realistic. They have been able to assimilate and forcefully defend a very aggressive claim with very limited historic information.

A client we advised on a complicated property and partnership dispute

Supportive and friendly with partner-led involvement, I would recommend Francis Wilks & Jones to anyone facing a similar situation.

shareholder we helped settle a remuneration dispute

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Commercial litigation

We approached Francis Wilks & Jones following the termination of a large contract by a client on the basis of repudiation. The principal solicitor I dealt with was extremely responsive, assertive and able to redirect the problem against other company which agreed to reinstate the contract fully – with no loss of earnings – and even to pay a substantial sum towards my legal costs! I am very grateful for the assistance of FWJ.

A company director

Our FWJ team were led by Sue Brumby, who gave considered, practical and commercial advice. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. 

A happy client

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Debt recovery

Extremely thorough, professional and speedy, and the fees were much more reasonable than the competition. Highly recommended.

A private client we assisted with issuing a winding-up petition to recover debts

As credit and collection professionals ourselves, we have to be pretty discerning about the lawyers we retain so it speaks volumes that Francis Wilks & Jones have been our retained solicitors for many years now. Thoroughly professional, the firm has a wide knowledge and experience of the legalities of the debt recovery scene. Sound advice is always available and provides crucial support with some of the more difficult decisions that we have to make.

The Credit Protection Association

I have been very impressed by FW&J who achieved payment in full of a transaction at undervalue/preference claim within 2 months. FW&J combine excellent legal skills with keen commercial acumen and are a pleasure to work with

An insolvency litigation funder

I can strongly recommend Francis Wilks & Jones and, in particular, their specialist debt recovery and litigation teams. In my capacity as a liquidator of insolvent companies, I often require their assistance to help recover sums due to a company from its customers. The expertise of Francis Wilks & Jones in this area has been instrumental in maximising recoveries of company ledgers and maximising returns to creditors.

Mike Solomons, partner at BM Advisory

Shona has been our go to debt recovery lawyer for almost two years now. She is organised, easy to work with and very effective

A credit management client

Shona has been helping us with volume debt recovery for five years now and we’ve been really impressed. She’s very diligent and her deep understanding of our business model means she can progress matters in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. She’s also great at giving honest advice from both a commercial and legal perspective.

Jason Foran, General Manager at Rightside Financial Services Limited

FWJ is the ideal choice for helping family law firms recover debts: experts in debt recovery, well-versed in the nature of family law practices and a pleasure to work with.

Kerry Mordey, Director at Hopkins Law

FWJ guided us through with much patience to a successful conclusion. We would certainly recommend FWJ for the outstanding professional service they provide.

Private client for whom we recovered money loaned to an estranged family member

FWJ are lawyers with excellent contract knowledge. They managed to negotiate a contract dispute against us down to a very affordable settlement.

A company director

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Working with FWJ is always a pleasure. They make us feel very comfortable when we’re uncertain as to the best way forward and provide us with the confidence to strike out and go about our job, knowing they have our back.

Brian Baker, Partner at Moore Kingston Smith & Partners

They were extremely responsive and their assistance proved invaluable in resolving these matters such that the risks we faced were removed entirely. Our company continues to trade having survived this as a result of FWJ’s input.

A client to whom we provided urgent assistance regarding regulatory and compliance duties

Having worked with Tim and Andy, the founding partners of Francis Wilks & Jones since 2003 and before at their previous practice, I thoroughly value the expertise and flexibility brought to every assignment by them and their team. As a relatively new insolvency practice, BM Advisory has carefully selected its business partners who share a similar enthusiasm to find workable solutions for our mutual clients often in distressed situations. Francis Wilks & Jones fits this bill well and we would have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anyone who requires a sound law firm who are approachable and easy to talk to.

Andy Pear, partner at BM Advisory

Leonard Curtis has worked with Francis Wilks & Jones on a number of insolvency appointments over the years and in particular those with an asset based lending angle. I have enjoyed working with a legal team that has impressed with its depth of technical knowledge in that sector yet displaying a skill to balance this with advising on the practical and commercial issues we as insolvency practitioners face. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to asset based lenders and company directors.

Neil Bennett, partner at Leonard Curtis

Once in a while you get an assignment where everyone makes life impossibly difficult. Mine was an administration which was intertwined in an irreconcilable family dispute. Every party had an entrenched self-interested position, all believed that I was aligned with another and there was a whole host of complex property issues to boot.

For over eighteen months I was in daily contact with FWJ through litigation, possession proceedings, injunctions, negotiations, trespassers and the aforementioned property issues.

The strategic thinking displayed by FWJ meant that I was always confident that the difficulties would be overcome. Of course they were and when I next need solicitors to act for me in such challenging and contentious circumstances, FWJ will get my call.

Steve Goderski, partner, Geoffrey Martin & Co

The insolvency team at FWJ has helped me on a number of complex and protracted matters over the last few years. FWJ are quick to respond and have given me practical and comprehensive solutions to the situations I have had to deal with. I have always been impressed by the depth of insolvency knowledge and commercial awareness displayed by the team and I would not hesitate to instruct FWJ again.

Ian Robert, partner at Kingston Smith

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Tax disputes

FWJ did precisely what it set out to do. I am extremely grateful for its assistance.

A client who had received a Request for Security from HMRC for a sum that would have caused their company severe financial difficulties. We helped them to have the entire bill withdrawn

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Banking and finance litigation and dispute resolution

For over a decade I have worked with the litigation team at FWJ across a wide spectrum of cases. These have included numerous claims for its asset based lending clients ranging from fraud to complex customer disputes but also more mainstream commercial contract and insolvency disputes. In all of them, the FWJ team has proved friendly and down-to-earth colleagues but tough and expert opponents who, while fighting very hard for their clients, never lose sight of the bigger commercial picture.

Shantanu Majumdar, counsel at Radcliffe Chambers

I have had a decade long relationship with FWJ and have instructed them on a wide variety of claims, both litigation and insolvency based. I enjoy working with them as they listen to what I need and their advice is always commercial and astute. I have also been deeply impressed by their continued commitment to using technology to assist in the recoveries process. Their interactive case management system is particularly impressive delivering quick, accurate solutions together with very helpful case reporting.

Clive Gould, risk director at Aldermore Bank, Invoice Finance

FWJ is our law firm of choice and we are delighted with the proactive levels of service and recovery we receive from them. Their detailed understanding of the invoice finance industry combined with their technical expertise and approachability makes them great people to work with.

Sylvia Bradley, director, SJB Associates Limited

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Fraud and freezing orders

We instructed Francis Wilks & Jones to take over a very complex trade finance and invoice discounting fraud which had been perpetrated against us and which had been commenced by a large City law firm with whom we had grown dissatisfied.  The case involved a claim of over $20 million and the two defendants in the claim had gone to great lengths to cover up the fraud and hide the misappropriated funds.

Upon receiving the instructions, FWJ immediately began work on the underlying investigative side in conjunction with forensic investigators in order to put the claim back on track after a period of inactivity.  The case itself involved detailed analysis of the trade finance facility together with collating evidence relating to the invoice discounting fraud in the United Kingdom for witness statement purposes. The matter also involved investigations in jurisdictions outside the United Kingdom, including Pakistan and Dubai.

Whilst the defendants took every opportunity to try and frustrate the proceedings by way of numerous interlocutory applications FWJ fought each and every one of these, often with costs orders against the defendants. Ultimately they were successful in having the defences struck-out following a very detailed specific disclosure exercise (involving the use of agents in Pakistan) during which it became apparent that the Defendants had deliberately failed to disclose incriminating documents in their possession as ordered to do so by the court.

We were delighted by the work undertaken by FWJ together with their team of third party professionals, including their barrister and forensic investigators.  Their team approach ultimately resulted in successfully obtaining judgment of $35 million which we are currently seeking to enforce against the two Defendants and others who benefitted from the fraud.

We could not rate FWJ highly enough for their teamwork, dedication and legal and forensic expertise. We would highly recommend them for this type of work.

The managing director of a worldwide group of companies

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