Properly understanding the merits of the director disqualification claim against you at an early stage is a vital part of reaching the best possible solution for you. Our team has specialised in disqualification claims since 2002 and has successfully helped 100s directors over the years. Let us help you too.

If despite earlier correspondence with the Insolvency Service it appears that disqualification proceedings are still threatened, we can advise you with a more formal review of the legal and evidential claim against you.

This includes:

  • a review of the “Section 16” letter, which will set out the matters determining unfitness in summary and also give an indication of the period of disqualification undertaking which the Secretary of State is seeking against you and other directors;
  • a review of the draft evidence prepared by the Secretary of State, which you are entitled to ask to see and respond to;
  • a review of any company documentation retained by the liquidator of the insolvent company;
  • speaking to, former employees, former directors and other third parties if needed as part of the evidence gathering exercise.

With a more detailed review of the evidence, we can try and have the claim dropped entirely at the pre-issue stage or negotiate a lower period of disqualification undertaking if appropriate.

We can also consider making an application for you to remain a director of a current company despite disqualification.

Our specialist director disqualification team is here to help you. Call for your initial consultation. Alternatively e mail us with your enquiry and we will call you back at a time convenient to you. We are the leading firm of disqualification lawyers in the country. Let us help.

I would strongly recommend using FWJ for director disqualification matters. Tactically and commercially they played it just right and I am now able to get on with my business life without the worry of disqualification hanging over me

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