A Freezing Order is a very serious type of court order. Our legal team has been advising business, financiers and individuals since 2002 on all aspects of freezing injunctions. Let us help you too.

Asset freezing orders can be extremely useful in certain circumstances.

Often in the context of debt recovery and where there is an element of dishonesty involved by a debtor, it is possible to obtain from court an asset freezing order. Asset freezing orders are also known as Mareva injunctions, freezing injunction or freezing orders. They can be granted on a country basis i.e. England and Wales or it is possible in certain circumstances to obtain a worldwide freezing order. 

  • an asset freezing order is designed to stop a defendant putting assets beyond the reach of a creditor whilst an underlying substantive claim is resolved;
  • technically, it does not freeze assets. The restriction is against the person / company rather than against the asset itself. The individual / company can still move assets out of reach but by doing so would be a breach of the asset freezing order which is a contempt of court and could lead to imprisonment. 

Therefore, it is the threat of the imprisonment affixing to the individual that normally restrains that individual and/or company from disobeying the terms of the freezing injunction. Whilst it cannot be guaranteed, it is highly ill advised to breach the terms of a freezing injunction due to the seriousness of it. 

If you are interested in obtaining an asset freezing order then Francis Wilks & Jones are the asset freezing order / injunction experts. We have many years of experience and a dedicated team dealing with freezing orders. We act for both applicants looking to obtain a freezing order as well as respondents who find themselves on the receiving end of one. Our experience acting for both sides gives us a unique insight into the whole legal arena of Mareva injunctions and gives us an excellent ability to advise clients on a legal evidential and commercial basis. 

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