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By searching the term “business loan” online you will find numerous websites offering different types of business from a variety of providers, including retail banks and alternative funders. It may be difficult to work out which is best for your business and it will take you some time to figure out which business loan is right for you.

Once you have chosen your funder, you may wish to receive legal advice before entering into the business loan to ensure that your interests are being protected.

Here at Francis Wilks & Jones we offer legal advice on a wide range of business loans, including invoice discounting, factoring, cash flow loans, term loans, property loans and trade finance. We regularly review business loans and are experienced in recognising onerous and unfair terms.

Whatever the nature of your business loan enquiry, Francis Wilks & Jones has a leading team of banking and finance solicitors to help you understand your business loan. We have broad expertise in drafting loan agreements and can advise you on the entire agreement or on specific business loan clauses. Our knowledge of banking and finance is second to none. Whatever your business funding enquiry, we can assist. Call us now to speak to a friendly banking solicitor.

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