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We are often asked about business recovery strategy and how it can help a business in difficulty

The importance of a good independent recovery expert

For a company seeking business turnaround and a business recovery, they would be well advised to get in touch with an independent business rescue expert to discuss the business problems and the best ways of business turnaround and company rescue.

Any business rescue expert looking to bring about recovery in a company in financial difficulties will look at devising a business recovery strategy with the owners of that business that is specially tailored to the problems with the business.

What a good business recovery expert can do for your business

A business recovery strategy will focus on cash flow, and the structure of a company to see whether a company restructuring or business restructuring is necessary, and if so, to what extent is a business restructuring necessary in order to bring about business recovery for that particular business.

Without a business recovery strategy however, any business turnaround is likely to lose focus.

  • the key characteristics of a successful business recovery strategy are to start by stabilising the business in order to look at business turnaround, define the business recovery strategy, and
  • conduct an evaluation of the business, including employees, expenses, cash flow, funding and the market share and customers.

It is very unlikely for any successful business turnaround or company restructuring to occur, leading to a successful company rescue, without a solid business recovery strategy, which is reviewed and reassessed frequently.

A business recovery strategy will inevitably look at the short term, the medium term and the long term for a business turnaround situation. For any business recovery strategy to be successful it will require that the company in business recovery is able to provide full management accounts so that the business recovery strategy has the benefit of all the available information on an up to date basis.

If your company is suffering financial difficulties and you believe you need a business recovery plan and company rescue, speak to our business rescue experts at Francis Wilks & Jones to take the first steps in preparing a business recovery strategy to rescue your business.

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