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Why the client needed our help

Our client, a credit management company, needed our help collecting approximately £7,000 owed to one of its public body clients following an ex-employee’s termination of employment.

How we helped

We issued proceedings and obtained judgment for the debt which the debtor then applied to be set aside. We defended our client against the application, initially contacting the debtor to confirm that their application had no merits and inviting them to withdraw it and then, when they failed to respond, helping to prepare witness evidence against them. This involved drafting and filing a skeleton argument setting out the legal test under the Civil Procedure Rules and requesting that costs be awarded for the debtor’s unreasonable behaviour.

The outcome

We were successful in defending the application and the court decided that, rather than awarding fixed recoverable costs, it would award the claimant the full cost of £1,050 for defending the application.

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Shona Houghton

Shona Houghton

Debt Recovery Manager

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Andy Wilks

Managing Partner

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