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Why the client needed our help

The former director of a construction company wanted our help completing a director disqualification questionnaire which had been issued as a pre-action to disqualification proceedings against him.

How we helped

Director disqualification questionnaires need to be completed carefully to avoid inadvertently harming a director’s position. We provided answers that struck a perfect balance between giving enough information to appear helpful and not giving more than was required. it is always vital to get this balance right.

Many directors, for the best of intentions, complete the forms themselves, inadvertently saying too much or saying it in such a way which comes back to be used against them. Our expert help avoided this happening.

The outcome

The Insolvency Service was satisfied with our answers and dropped all possible disqualification proceedings against our client who has since gone on to become the director of another company. Had the investigation not been dropped, he could have lost his ability to act as a director, among other consequences of disqualification.

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