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Why the client needed our help

Our client, a private individual, was involved in a dispute with his two other directors and shareholders. The issue for our client was that he had never been legally recorded as a director of the company nor had his shareholding been formally registered. He wanted to understand his position in the eyes of the law.

How we helped

The client provided us with the background and documentary evidence which supported his position that he should have been a de jure director and registered shareholder (albeit, minority shareholder). We were able to provide expert advice on his legal position and the strategy to adopt. As the client wanted us to remain in the background, we assisted with the preparation of correspondence which he could send from himself. Armed with our expert knowledge, the he had the confidence to negotiate his position.

The outcome

The client was able to negotiate a positive exit strategy for himself and compensation for his exit.

Supportive and friendly with partner-led involvement, I would recommend Francis Wilks & Jones to anyone facing a similar situation.

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