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Why the client needed our help

Our client, a credit management company, had asked us to issue a claim in response to an unpaid debt.

How we helped

Following issue of the claim, the opposing party brought a counter claim which exceeded the value of our own claim against the debtor – and whilst this was something which our client didn’t want to pay, of greater concern to our client was that it was unable to defend the counterclaim.

Faced with this challenging situation, we advised that the best outcome would be for our client to try and settle the claim on the basis that both sides agree to ‘walk away’ and drop their respective claims.

Our experience meant that we were able to negotiate a ‘drop-hands’ settlement.

The outcome

The settlement meant that the client no longer had to pay a £10K counter claim against them.

This was a good outcome – although they didn’t get their money back, our client could have ended up paying much more than the amount their client owed them.

Shona has been our go to debt recovery lawyer for almost two years now. She is organised, easy to work with and very effective.

The client

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