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Why the client needed our help

Our client, a private individual, wanted help dealing with a trustee in bankruptcy who was seeking possession of his family home and an income payments order against them. The family had tried negotiating with the trustee but had been unable to secure an agreement to save their home with concerns about an unaffordable income payments order being granted.

How we helped

We advised in a situation where the value of the property was high and increasing in a rising property market since the bankruptcy had occurred.

We helped by arguing against the value of the trustee’s interest in favour of our client’s wife, and advised with regard to the trustee’s request for financial information from our client after his discharge from bankruptcy.

The outcome

We prevented stressful possession proceedings from being issued and secured an agreement with the trustee to buy his interest in the property with the help of other family members, saving the home.

In addition, our expertise in income payments orders enabled us to avoid an order being made against our client which possibly would have continued for three years after his discharge from bankruptcy.

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Sue Brumby


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