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Why the client needed our help

Our client, the director of a now liquidated company, approached us after being issued with a preliminary notice threatening disqualification proceedings in relation to his management of that company. He wanted us to help him persuade the Insolvency Service that it was not appropriate to issue disqualification proceedings in order to terminate the investigation.

How we helped

Through extensive and detailed representations resulting from our careful and precise instruction taking, obtaining and disclosing supporting evidence at the right strategic moments, we succeeded in defending the client in the Insolvency Service’s investigation. They subsequently confirmed that the investigation had come to an end and that they would not be taking further action against our client.

The outcome

Our client avoided a potential disqualification period of anywhere between two and 15 years. This meant that he was able to continue acting as a director of his many other companies without the risk of further action by the Insolvency Service.

A big thank you to FWJ for an amazing outcome and their very focused efforts. Their expertise, persistence and patience ensured success. My family and I can finally breath again and we see a free runway ahead of us!

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