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London is home to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, or CIARB as it is often known.

  • It is a global centre for the practice and profession of ADR, with an extensive network.
  • there are some 17,000 plus members across 149 countries and 42 branches of the CIARB.

This network allows for the proliferation of ideas, support, advice and guidance for all members, which gives clients the best chance to find specialist counsel, a knowledgeable tribunal and venue for their dispute.

FWJ’s dispute resolution team has members who are also part of the CIARB, and it is this network that allows us to tailor and pick arbitrators that are appropriate and tailor made for each dispute.

This membership allows us to keep up to date with the latest ADR news, including changes in the law.

Whatever your Arbitration enquiry – our team has the expertise to help. FWJ are experienced in helping clients from all over the world resolving their disputes, whether it is in the London Court of International Arbitration or elsewhere.  Call our team of experts today.

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