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Using a properly drafted and hard hitting debt recovery letter means you maximise the chances of getting paid quickly. Our brilliant team can help talk through your options.

Whilst there are different types of legal letter, the most commonly used is a letter to recover outstanding debts.

A debt recovery letter is commonly used to collect unpaid invoices and is often the first step in recovering an unpaid invoice or unpaid invoices.

  • whilst there are many types of debt recovery letter, the most effective by far are well drafted solicitor’s letters.
  • a well drafted solicitor’s letter can have a dramatic impact on the effect of collecting your outstanding debts as it will properly set out the nature of the claim, be fully compliant with the relevant protocols but equally understand the right procedures to follow through with in the event of continued non-payment.
  • a properly drafted letter will maximise the recovery of interest and late payment compensaiton as well

At Francis Wilks & Jones, our debt recovery letters are written with the benefit of 20 years’ experience. They are extremely effective. We collect in millions of pounds a year for our clients.

Our systems are backed up by a state of the art case management system and debt recovery package meaning we can process single debt recovery letters right through to volume based debt recovery letters.

We also have a fantastic reporting procedures for our clients on all letters before action. This, combined with the very cost effective nature of the work we do leads to a fantastic service for all of our clients.

Contact our debt recovery specialist team today and we can help.

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