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Having the right legal team in place can make all the difference when dealing with director disqualification matters. We have been advising directors since 2002 and have dealt a huge range of individual circumstances. Our expertise means that every client gets the tailored solution fit for them. Call us today. We can help.

Number of director disqualification orders made – 2008 – 2020

Below is a helpful set of data relating to the number of director disqualification orders in the last 12 years of recorded data.

Year & Number of Director disqualification orders

2008/9 – 1204

2009/10 – 1321

2010/11 – 1373

2011/12 – 1100

2012/13 – 969

2013/14 – 1208

2014/15 – 1209 (12% of directors disqualified for a period in excess of 10 years with some 49% disqualified for a period of five years or longer)

2015/16 – 1208

2016/17 – 1214 (12% disqualified for 10 years or more)

2017/18 – 1231 (7.6% disqualified for 10 years or more)

2018/19 – 1242 (9% disqualified for 10 years of more)

2019/20 – 1280 (8.5% disqualified for 10 years or more).

What is the average length of disqualification?

It is currently 6.2 years and has varied little from this over the last 5 years.

What is the most common ground for director disqualification?

By far and away the most common ground for disqualification is pursuant to Section 6 of the Company Director Disqualification Act 1986 and where an individual’s conduct whilst at the insolvent company was such as to render him unfit to be a director of a business going forward.

The next most common ground relates to disqualification orders given out when a person is also convicted of an indictable pursuant to Sections 2 and 5 of the Company Director disqualification Act 1986.

Of all director disqualification orders made, over 80% are dealt with by way of voluntary undertaking – the streamlined and cost free way for an individual to agree a disqualification.

What are the chances of a director of a liquidated company being disqualified?

Recent analysis of the previous 5 years insolvency figures does show that only 1 in 20 directors of companies that went into liquidation, administration of receivership were later disqualified as acting as a director.

Put in another way, there is almost a 95% probability of not being disqualified if a company enters into formal insolvency proceedings.

Whatever your director disqualification enquiry, our team can help. We have the leading team of director disqualification lawyers in the county – and combined expertise of decades. Contact us today. We can help.

FWJ exceeded my expectations by not only avoiding an order for my disqualification as a director but also negotiating a complete withdrawal of the prosecution. This has been such a relief and weight off my mind after many years and I am very grateful to them. I strongly recommend instructing them at the very earliest opportunity. Timely advice, realistic expectations, prioritisation and logical legal presentation were key.

A company director we successfully defended against a director disqualification claim by the Registrar of Companies

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