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Welcome to our free industry leading guide on Directors' Loan Accounts. This comprehensive guide will answer all the questions you have about DLA's, how they work and how they might affect you or your company.

Francis Wilks & Jones solicitors have been advising SME’s, directors and shareholders for over 20 years on directors loan accounts. We are the one of the leading UK legal experts in this area and can offer a multi disciplinary approach to whatever your question is.

  • Stephen Downie. The team is headed up by specialist lawyer and partner Stephen Downie. In addition to his excellent legal skills, Stephen is also a qualified accountant and previous worked for the Insolvency Service for a period of time as well. He also has significant personal insolvency experience should the need arise.
  • Andy Lynch is an expert on any HMRC issues. Before joining FWJ, Andy spent 18 years at HMRC in the special investigations team and now defends many directors and shareholders in claims by HMRC.
  • Maria Koureas-Jones is a partner in the team and regularly defends claims by liquidators (and other parties) seeking repayment of director loans.

Added to this, we have brilliant contacts with accountants and other trusted professional advisers, so that if your enquiry needs a team approach or purely an accounting expert, we can help you make the right choice based on our experience.

For more immediate help – call Stephen Downie, Andy Lynch or Maria Koureas-Jones today. Or simply drop us an e mail via our contact form and we will get in touch at a time convenient for you.

If there was ever a star rating for law firms, Francis Wilks & Jones would score five stars plus. Professional and pro-active, they were able to understand my problem quickly, provide expert advice, outline a solution and put it into place with a successful outcome. I should have gone to them sooner

A company director

General information about Directors Loan Account

What is a Directors loan account?
Directors loan account or capital investment?
Directors loan accounts and dividends.

Directors pay and remuneration

Director’s remuneration – how directors can be paid
Dividends v salary
Income paid via director loan accounts
Can my drawings be a directors loan?
Directors and shareholders drawing of wealth
Directors’ salaries and service level agreement

Tax and directors loan account

Taxes due on directors loans
Tax consequences of writing off directors loan account
Taxation of Overdrawn Directors loan accounts.
What triggers a section 455 charge?
Director Loans which are exempt from the s.455 charge
PAYE implications of non-repaid directors loans
Tax avoidance and directors loans
Tax-free loans and disguised remuneration

The benefits of a directors loan account

The benefits of a directors loan account

Risks of directors loan account

Risks associated with DLA withdrawals
Unlawful drawings form a company

Overdrawn directors loan account

Is an overdrawn directors loan account illegal?
Can an overdrawn directors loan account be offset?
Is an overdrawn directors loan account a benefit in kind?
Risks of overdrawn Directors loan accounts
Solvency and overdrawn directors loan accounts

Defending director loan account claims

Claims by liquidators / administrators
Claims by HMRC
Claims by fellow shareholders
Claims for Director Disqualification

Record keeping and director duties

Importance of proper account records
Disclosure of directors loans in company accounts
Director’s right to loan money from the company

Loans and Payment to related parties

Payments to associates and relatives as directors loans

Other helpful DLA articles

Directors’ loans under £10,000
Directors Loan accounts and your accountants’ recommendations
Directors loan accounts and e-shares
Risks of credit balance directors loan accounts

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