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Welcome to our free industry leading guide on enforcing a judgment in England & Wales. Whether you are based in the UK or abroad, this comprehensive Guide will answer all the questions you have. Or simply give us a call for a free consultation today.

Francis Wilks & Jones solicitors have been creditors on how best to enforce judgments for over 20 years. We are the one of the leading UK legal experts in judgment enforcement and recovery of money for clients.

Our brilliant team can maximise the chances of a successful recovery for you through their extensive knowledge of the different legal procedures in England & Wales – and how to apply them to your particular situation. We can help.

  • Domestic creditors based in England & Wales.
  • Foreign creditors based outside England & Wales but who have a judgment they would like to enforce against an individual or company based (or with assets) in the UK.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the key aspects Judgment enforcement and provide useful links other helpful content on our site.

For more immediate help – call one of our enforcement experts today. For domestic UK based clients, please contact Shona Houghton. If you are enquiring from outside the UK – please contact our foreign enforcement Partner, Maria Koureas-Jones. We look forward to speaking to you.

Extremely thorough, professional and speedy, and the fees were much more reasonable than the competition. Highly recommended.

A private client we assisted with issuing a winding-up petition to recover debts

Enforcement of Judgments – an overview

Enforcement of Judgments – the legal options available in England & Wales

Standard enforcement procedures explained

County Court Judgment enforcement
What is Default judgment
Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Agent enforcement
Taking control of goods – what it means
Attachment of earnings orders
What is a charging order?
What is an order to obtain information?

Insolvency based recovery procedures

Statutory Demands
Bankruptcy Petitions
Winding up petitions

Enforcement of foreign judgments

Enforcement of foreign judgments in England and Wales – an overview
Common law enforcement of foreign judgments
Enforcement of foreign judgments under the statutory regime
Enforcement of European Union Judgments – Claims issued after 31 December 2020
Enforcement of European Union Judgments – Claims issued before 31 December 2020
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Scotland and Northern Ireland
Enforcing Australian judgments in the UK
Enforcement of Chinese and Asian judgments in the UK
Enforcing US Judgments in the United Kingdom
Enforcing Indian Judgments in the United Kingdom
Enforcing Malaysian Judgments in the United Kingdom
Enforcement of Irish Judgments in England and Wales
Enforcing Hong Kong Judgments in the United Kingdom
Enforcing Kenyan Judgments in the United Kingdom

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