An expert firm of freezing injunction solicitors is imperative if you are either considering obtaining a freezing injunction or if you have been served with a freezing injunction. We have been advising individuals, companies and banks since 2002. Let us help you too.

In either scenario, time is usually of the essence and it is vital to act quickly. 

If you have received a freezing order

If you are on the receiving end of a freezing order then time limits are always hugely important.

The freezing injunction order will set out actions that have to be completed within strict time periods such as

  • disclosure of financial information; and
  • preparation of affidavits / witness statements.

In addition you will have to prepare for the return date court hearing which is often as little as 7 days from the date of the original court application.

All of this requires a team effort with great experience to maximise your prospects of either defending the freezing injunction looking to discharge it or vary the terms of it. 

Applying for a freezing injunction

If you are applying for a freezing injunction, you ideally want to obtain the freezing order without any notice or warning to a defendant. Otherwise they might try and hide their assets before you get the court order you need.

  • however, in order to do this, a party must act very quickly and without delay. Otherwise delay can be fatal to the prospects of successfully applying for a without notice freezing injunction;
  • in those circumstances, the freezing injunction can only be obtained by giving a defendant notice of the impending application – which effectively means that the defendant has an opportunity to put its assets outside your reach. A turnaround of 48 hours is often required and this needs an expert set of freezing injunction solicitors to prepare the detailed evidence in a short time and get it all ready for service. 

At Francis Wilks & Jones we not only have brilliant freezing injunction solicitors, we also have immediate access to other required third-party experts such as leading freezing injunction barristers, investigators and forensic accountants. It is the team effort at Francis Wilks & Jones that often makes the difference for our clients when applying for a freezing injunction. 

Francis Wilks & Jones have many years’ experience dealing with freezing injunctions and asset freeze situations. We have acted for individuals, companies and other entities both in England and Wales and on a worldwide freezing order basis. Whatever the nature of your enquiry we are here to assist. 

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