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The without notice hearing is when a freezing injunction is granted to the application without the defendant knowing anything about it. These are difficult order to obtain – but our expert team has successfully dealt with many without notice hearings since 2002.

Often, freezing orders are obtained without any notice or advance warning being given to a respondent / defendant. These are known as “without notice” hearings.

If the Application for a freezing order is made without notice, there is an obligation on the applicant / the applicant’s solicitor to prepare a full and detailed note of the hearing. This should then be served upon the respondent as soon as possible, commonly as part of the pack of documents (including court orders and evidence in support) which needs to be served on the respondent once the freezing order has been obtained.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s foremost firm of freezing injunction solicitors. We are experts in all matters to do with freezing injunctions and pride ourselves on having an excellent freezing injunction team able to deal with all aspect of freezing order cases. Our knowledge of freezing orders is second to none and our results excellent. Whatever your enquiry, we can assist. Call now for a consultation.

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