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Whether you are a petitioner or on the receiving end of a winding up order - there are times when both sides will need more time to resolve their differences and try and sort the petition out. Our team can help you get extensions of time at court if needed. Call our expert team.

Winding up petition adjournments normally happen in circumstances where a repayment plan has been put in place but the debt e.g. to HMRC has not been paid in full by the time of the first hearing of the winding up petition.

  • in these circumstances, HMRC always ask for an adjournment of the winding up petition i.e. a further extension of it often for a period of at least 6 weeks.
  • the reason for this is that HMRC want to continue with the winding up petition being in place so that if the debtor company then fails to make another payment, it will then proceed with winding up the company.

Winding up petition adjournments are not uncommon although negotiating those with HMRC can be difficult and is part of the winding up petition expertise that we have and understanding of the winding up petition process to ensure the maximum chances of success for our clients.

We can also organise at short notice for a barrister to attend court or a virtual hearing to deal with an HMRC winding up petition adjournment.

It is critically important that you take proper legal advice with regard to adjournments.

  • failure to understand the benefit of a winding up petition adjournment can have dramatic consequences;
  • you want to avoid inadvertently having HMRC make a winding up petition order which would have dramatic and drastic consequences for your company as it would go in to liquidation and directors can face personal claims and disqualification.
  • we at Francis Wilks & Jones are the experts who can help you with this.

Please contact one of our expert HMRC winding up petition lawyers now for your informal consultation. At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have in depth winding up petition experience and deal regularly with HMRC on behalf of companies facing winding up orders. We have the skills to handle any type of winding up petition and company rescue problem. Don’t delay. Call now for a friendly consultation

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