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If you have paid the HMRC petition debt or settled the claim - it is vital to get the petition dismissed from court as quickly as possible. Otherwise the petition might get supported by another creditor and still get wound up. We can help you arrange dismissal from court.

Winding up orders are very serious indeed. You want to avoid a HMRC winding up order at all costs. Therefore, if an HMRC winding up petition has been issued, then you want to pay the debt off as quickly as possible if it is actually due.

What to do once the HMRC petition debt is paid

If you have paid the winding up petition debt off either in one go or following a winding up order instalment plan, it is then critical to get the winding up petition removed from the court. This involves getting the winding up petition formally dismissed from the court record by way of a separate court application. We can help you with this.

Act quickly – don’t delay

Why is this important? It is very important because so long as the winding up petition remains on the court record, it can be supported by other creditors of the company. If you have paid the HMRC winding up petition debt in full but another creditor gets wind of the winding up petition, it can file what is known as a notice of support. In those circumstances you are then prohibited from getting the winding up petition dismissed from court without paying that debt off as well. The position can easily snowball if you have a number of creditors, so it is therefore critical to have a winding up petition dismissed from court as soon as the original winding up petition debt is paid.

At Francis Wilks & Jones, we can help you with this winding up process and make a court application for dismissal of the winding up order. We can help avoid the worst effects of a winding up petition once you have paid the winding up petition debt off.

Our expert team of HMRC winding up petition solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are here to help you with your winding up petition questions and deal with the HMRC. Our knowledge of winding up orders and how best to ensure companies survive these threats is significant, having dealt with hundreds of HMRC winding up petitions. Our practical daily experience and legal expertise means that we can assist whatever the nature of your HMRC related enquiry.

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