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If you are concerned your company is on the official court winding up petition list - we can help. If a petition has been issued, it is vital to act quickly and avoid the petition being advertised in the London Gazette. Whatever your situation, our team will have dealt with it before.

If you believe an HMRC winding up petition has been issued against you, it is possible to check the winding up petition list to see whether your company’s name is on it. However, this is not always easy as the court systems are not particularly great and as such, Francis Wilks & Jones can help you with the HMRC winding up petition list and also to make sure you are fully prepared for the winding up petition hearing if one is to take place.

  • it is important to understand that at court, well over a hundred winding up petitions can be heard in one morning and a very rigorous timetable is set by the court and it has a very clear list in which the petitions are heard.
  • this includes the HMRC winding up petitions and if you arrive late or miss the time, then a winding up order can be made even if you intended to turn up to court to argue for one not to be made.
  • it is therefore very important that you understand about the HMRC winding up petition list and at Francis Wilks & Jones, we can help you with this.

Please contact one of our friendly winding up petition team members for your friendly consultation. At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have a team of dedicated petition experts ready to answer your call and help you out with the HMRC and their action against you. Whatever your question, we can help you.

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