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Avoiding an HMRC winding up petition being advertised in the London Gazette can be crucial to the prospects of a company surviving. Our team regularly deals with HMRC petitions and has the experience you need to avoid the worst consequences of a winding up order.

The London Gazette is where formal notification of winding up petitions are placed. If you are a company who has received an HMRC winding up petition, you want to avoid the worst effects of that process. The issue a company faces if an HMRC winding up petition is placed in the London Gazette is that it becomes public knowledge. This can have a dramatic effect on the viability of the company.

  • The London Gazette is something which can be found on-line and if you are concerned that a winding up petition has been issued but you are unaware of it, you can always check in the London Gazette to see if an advert has been placed.
  • However, the key always is to avoid the winding up petition advert going into the London Gazette in the first place and at Francis Wilks & Jones, we have the experts who can help you avoid the worst effects of a winding up order being made. Contact us now and we will help you through this difficult process.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s leading firm of winding up petition and company rescue solicitors. We are genuine experts in what we do and regularly deal with HMRC claims for clients. We can help have the petition reversed, allow you to continue trading using a validation order application, and make sure you reduce the risk of any personal claims as directors.

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