We have been helping directors successfully defend disqualification proceedings since 2002. In that time we have helped 100's of directors deal with the claims and get on with their lives. We can help find the best solution for you too.

Francis Wilks & Jones acted with great professionalism, responding quickly to my requirements, leading to an eventual withdrawal of the claim against me and my son. I am extremely grateful

A client who approached us just two weeks before the trial of a large director disqualification claim against him and his son

In order to disqualify someone as a director, the Secretary of State obtains a director disqualification order in a number of ways

  • it can seek agreement to a voluntary director disqualification undertaking from an individual. This is a voluntary low cost process and normally happens before formal legal director disqualification proceedings;
  • in the absence of a voluntary director disqualification undertaking, the Secretary of State can bring formal legal director disqualification proceedings against the individual concerned and ultimately, can seek a director disqualification order at a full trial of the claim at court;
  • there is provision in criminal proceedings that the criminal judge can also add a further sanction to the criminal sentence by adding a director disqualification order to those proceedings;
  • there is also ability in the Magistrates court for them to make a director disqualification order against an individual on the basis of repeated failures to comply with company legislation such as failure to file company accounts.

Whatever the circumstances, Francis Wilks & Jones are the country’s leading firm of director disqualification defence lawyers. Whatever your enquiry, you should contact our team for your expert and instant advice.

One of the most astute appointments I have ever made

A company director we successfully defended against disqualification

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