If your company bank account has been frozen because of a winding up petition – we can help. A validation order application is normally the best way to proceed, allowing use of the bank account and to continue trading - plus avoiding the risk of personal liability as well. But it needs to be served properly to be valid. We have been helping businesses since 2002. Let our team of experts help you too.

The application and evidence will need to be filed at court and served on the respondent as soon as practicable after it is filed and, in any event, unless it is necessary to apply ex-parte or on short notice, at least 14 days before the date fixed for the hearing.

Applications for validation orders should be served on:

  • the petitioning creditor;
  • any liquidator appointed in an existing voluntary liquidation;
  • any administrator appointed in an existing administration order;
  • any supervisor of a voluntary arrangement;
  • any administrative receiver;
  • any member state liquidator who has been appointed;
  • the Financial Conduct Authority;
  • any creditor who has given notice to a petitioner of his intention to appear on the hearing of the petition pursuant to Rule 7.14 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016; and
  • any creditor who has been substituted as petitioner pursuant to Rule 7.17 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016.

The court does have power in cases of urgency to hear an application immediately with or without notice to the other parties.

The application may be sent by post provided it is addressed to the person it is to be served on. It may be sent to the last known address of the person to be served.

Our team of winding up petition & validation order solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are the best in the country. We specialise in acting for companies who have received winding up orders either from creditors or HMRC. Our advice is fast, effective and highly effective. Contact one of our team of winding up petition lawyers now for your initial consultation. Whatever your winding up order needs, we are the experts to help you. Call us now. Let us help.

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