The range for director disqualification is 2-15 years. Within this period, there are three distinct categories depending on the misconduct. We have successfully advised 100's directors since 2002, either getting claims dropped completely or having periods reduced substantially. Let us help you too.

Director disqualification has three distinct bands:

  • a lower category of 2-5 years – this largely relates to reckless or negligent conduct as a director;
  • a mid category of 6-10 years – this is classed as serious, and relates to conduct which is more directly prejudicial to the public interest; and
  • the highest category of 11-15 years – this conduct is the most serious and generally relates to fraudulent or otherwise serious (sometimes criminal) behaviour.

In terms of which category a director might end up in depends very much on the “gravity” of the offence and subjective matters such as

  • the losses of the company;
  • the value of creditors’ claims;
  • any evidence of a deliberate intention to defraud creditors (or any other members of the public); and
  • the degree of documentary evidence in support of such allegations and any breaches of other regulations (for example financial services breaches).

As a rule of thumb, allegations involving any form of dishonesty will attract the longest periods of director disqualification.

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