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County court judgements, how long do they last?

Unless paid at an earlier date, the county court judgment or CCJ will last 6 years on the Register of Judgments, Fines and orders.

If you pay the debt within 6 years, the CCJ or county court judgment will not be removed from the Register altogether. The Register of Judgments, Fines and orders will however be amended to show that the debt has been paid or “satisfied”.

CCJ after 6 years

This is evidence to lenders and credit reference agencies that the debt is no longer active and should not be a consideration in them making a decision to lend you money.

  • after 6 years, if the debt has still not been paid, the CCJ or county court judgment is automatically removed from the Register of Judgments, Fines and orders.
  • however, it is likely that during that time, the creditor (the person to whom you owe the money) will have tried other methods of enforcement to try and get you to repay the judgement debt.

The best way to ensure that the county court Judgment is not entered on the Register of Judgments, Fines and orders is to pay the debt within 1 month of the date of the CCJ.

How to set aside a CCJ

Alternatively, if you believe that the debt is not payable, you should seek to set aside the CCJ by making an application to the county court which ordered the CCJ or county court Judgment.

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