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If a company bank account has been frozen because of a winding up petition – you might get notice of this as a creditor. If you do - we can make sure you do the right thing - and maximise your chances of recovering any money you are owed. We have been helping businesses since 2002. Let our team of experts help you too.

If you are a creditor and have been notified of a validation order hearing, then you are entitled to provide comment on the application and indeed, attend court. Not all creditors do this and ultimately, the success or failure of the validation order application comes down to the witness statement evidence in support of the application.


  • it can be in a creditor’s interest to allow payments to be made to either suppliers or other creditors if that is to the overall benefit of the company.
  • enabling a company to make payments can often make the difference between success or failure of the company and therefore, enhance the prospects that you as a creditor may get paid.

Please contact one of our friendly validation solicitors now for your validation order consultation. At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have a team of dedicated team who can assist on all enquiries including those from creditors. Whatever your question, we can help you. Don’t delay – contact the winding up petition experts now.

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