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Business Rescue can be a quick process. And our team are hugely responsive to our clients' needs. Call us today and we can help secure your company's future.

Business rescue or company rescue can involve a variety of different methods. The main purpose of business rescue and company restructuring however is the avoidance of formal company insolvency processes, which have more serious ramifications for a company looking to company rescue.

  • The length of time a business recovery strategy leading to a business turnaround and company rescue will take very much depends on what company restructuring or business recovery strategy is put in place by the company.
  • This in turn will depend on what type of company requires the business recovery strategy, what financial difficulties are facing the company requiring company rescue, how many creditors are outstanding, what is the funding situation of the business requiring business recovery and a variety of other factors.

It is essential for any company facing financial difficulties to contact a business rescue expert to talk through the available options. The longer it is left before entering a business turnaround process and following a business recovery strategy, the more likely a company will be forced into a formal insolvency proceeding such as company administration or company winding up.

Contact the friendly team at Francis Wilks & Jones to discuss your current company situation, so that we may provide you with options on business turnaround and business rescue that are most suitable for your business.

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