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If you are thinking of issuing a county court claim - speak to us first. With our direct links to Money Claims On Line - and competitive pricing - we can take the stress out of issuing a claim and maximise your chances of success.

The cost of starting (or “issuing”) a county court claim is entirely dependent on what you are claiming.

Money Claims On Line

In most cases, where an individual or company is claiming money, the court fee for issuing the claim depends on the amount that is being claimed. This can range anywhere from between £25.00 for a claim of less than £300.00, up to £10,000.00 for claims in excess if £200,000.00.

  • if your claim is for a fixed sum of money and less than £100,000, you can issue your claim via, the Money Claim Online service, or MCOL.
  • The fees to issue via MCOL are slightly lower than issuing at the county court Business Centre.
  • for more information regarding our prices for issuing claims, please see our debt recovery prices page.

If your claim exceeds £100,000.00, then you cannot issue your claim online.

For non-money county court claims

  • County court possession claims – £355.00. If you however issue a possession claim online, via Possession Claims Online (PCOL), this issue fee is reduced to £325.00.
  • if your claim is not for money or possession, then the fee to issue in the county court is £308.00. However, it is always advisable to check with your local county court as to the correct level of fee before you issue.

EX50 court fees

Please note that fees are periodically reviewed by the Government. An up to date list is found in the Government’s Guide “EX50 – Civil and Family court Fees” and can be found at https://www.gov.uk/court-fees-what-they-are

All fees should be paid by debit or credit card, cash, postal orders or cheques which should be made payable to “HM courts and Tribunals Service” or “HMCTS” for short.

If you do not pay the correct fee, your claim is unlikely to be issued.

If you are unable to pay the county court issue fee, you may be able to get assistance with the court fee by visiting the government website at https://www.gov.uk/get-help-with-court-fees  

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