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Whether you want a single letter or need to chase multiple debtors - we have the costing solutions to fit your needs. And the results show how good we are.

We are often asked “how much is a solicitor’s letter”?

At Francis Wilks & Jones we have costing solutions for all of our different clients.

  • we act for all manner of clients from volume based recoveries right down to individual demand letters.
  • we can structure costings to suit you.
  • costings for debt claims up to £100,000 can be found on our debt recovery prices page.

If you are interested, please speak to one of our expert debt recovery advisers with regard to the solicitor’s letter so that we can find the most relevant cost solution for you.

  • well drafted solicitor’s letters can greatly assist in recovering your outstanding debt.
  • we would strongly recommend the use one of our effective solicitor’s letter to recover any outstanding unpaid invoice or unpaid invoices and look forward to speaking to you with regard to your letter before action requirements.

Let us help you collect your outstanding debt. Call our friendly team today.

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