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You will want to carry out your own research before deciding whether you want to enter into a business loan. It is useful to compare the rates of and terms of different loans to determine which would address the funding gap you are facing.

  • you should consider whether your business would benefit from a secured business loan or an unsecured business loan;
  • if you have a range of assets which you could use as security it may be worth using these for a secured loan. If your business holds few assets, you may ask another party to provide a guarantee or could provide a personal guarantee yourself which will act as security for the lender;
  • alternatively, you could apply for an unsecured loan, but bear in mind that the interest rates may be much higher for these;
  • you may wish to apply for your loan at your local high street bank as you may have been a customer for several years and developed a good working relationship.
  • it could be that you would like a specialist form of funding which is not available at your local bank and would prefer to go to an alternative funder such as a peer-to-peer lender.

In either case, you should expect that your accounts will need to be up to date as will your business plan.

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