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Third party debt orders can be a great way of securing any judgment you are owed. Our brilliant team can advise you on all your options and maximise your chances of getting paid in full.

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If the debtor is not employed, but you are aware that he/she has some savings or money in a bank account, then it may be possible to ask the court to make a Third Party Debt order.

In order to make the application you will need to fill out a Third Party Debt order form (N349) and pay the required court fee. The county court will then determine whether money from that particular bank account can be used to pay the debt to you.

If successful

  • the county court will send a copy of the Third Party Debt order to the bank where the debtor’s bank account is located and they will be required to freeze the debtor’s bank account up to the value of the debt the debtor owes to you.
  • for example, if the debtor owes you £3,000.00, but they have a bank account with £5,000.00 in it, then the bank will freeze the first £3,000.00, but still allow the debtor access to the remaining £2,000.00.

If a Third Party Debt order is granted, it is sent to the bank first, at least 7 days before a copy is sent to the debtor. This is to ensure that the debtor does not move their money out of their account to another account as soon as they become aware of the Third Party Debt order.

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