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It is possible to ask the court to make sure that part of a debtor's wages are paid directly to you each month. It can be a highly effective way of recovering your money before the debtor spends it all.

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Attachment of earnings order

If a person that owes you money is employed and you know details of their employer (or have found out this information when they were questioned at court), it is possible to apply to the county court for an Attachment of Earnings order.

  • the application is fairly straightforward.
  • you need to fill out the required attachment of earnings order form (N337) and pay the county court fee.
  • if your application is successful, it will result in the court making an order for the debtor’s employer to deduct monies from the debtor’s weekly/monthly wage and to pay the same to you until such time as the debt is cleared.

Again this is a useful tool to use as you are not reliant on the debtor to make instalment payments. If the employer refuses to deduct the wages or fails to make the instalments to you, they could face possible sanctions, such as a fine or even imprisonment.

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