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Choosing the right enforcement method can make all the difference when it comes to collecting in your debts. Let our brilliant team help you make the right choices.

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You can instruct either the county court Bailiffs or high court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) to collect your debt on your behalf. The bailiffs will add their own fees to the debt.

  • if your debt is less than £600.00, then you can only apply at the county court to instruct the bailiffs.
  • if the county court debt is between £600.00 and £5,000.00 then you may instruct either the county court Bailiffs or HCEO’s.
  • if the debt is more than £5,000.00 and not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act, then you must instruct bailiffs at the high court.

Once instructed, bailiffs will normally contact the debtor to give them 7 days to pay the debt. If they fail to do so, the bailiffs then have power to attend the debtor’s address or premises and to either recover payment or seize goods to the value of the debt, including their own fees. Goods that are seized will be subsequently sold at auction and money raised used to pay the money the debtor owes to you.

Bailiffs are only allowed to take items that the debtor solely or jointly owns.

  • they cannot take goods that are subject to hire purchase agreements and they cannot take essential household items, such as clothing, bedding, furniture, kitchen equipment etc.
  • they are also not allowed to take essential items (up to a value of £1,350.00) which the debtor requires for use in their business or job.

Instructing bailiffs can be a very useful tool in recovering money that is owed to you. Having bailiffs turn up at your home or premises is not a nice experience and potentially embarrassing to other customers. If monies are not paid, bailiffs will take items to sell to recover the debt. Remember that these items will be sold at auctions, second hand, so they are unlikely to recover the value the debtor paid for them in the first place.

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