If you are thinking of using a statutory demand to recover a debt - either from a company or individual - it is vital to make sure it is appropriate to use one,, and if so - complete it properly and serve it properly. Our brilliant team can help you get it right and avoid mistakes

A friendly word of warning

In order to issue a statutory demand for payment, it is important that the statutory demand document itself is carefully completed.

Whilst a statutory demand for payment is not a document which is issued at court, it is very important to get the statutory demand absolutely right. Otherwise, you could face the setting aside of a statutory demand by the debtor. This could mean paying high legal costs of the debtor following their application to set aside.

We can help with the process

We can help you through the statutory demand process. We have expert statutory demand lawyers who are able to help you with all aspects of the statutory demand procedure including

Francis Wilks & Jones is here to help. Our team are genuine experts in what we do with a combined experience of over 100 years in statutory demand claims. Get in touch today.

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