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It is possible to stop an HMRC winding up petition - but only in certain circumstances and only with expert legal advice. Our team have dealt successfully with 100's of these situations over the years. Let us help you too.

There are various ways to stop an HMRC winding up petition.

Paying the debt off

The most straightforward is to pay off the HMRC debt.

Even if you cannot pay the winding up petition debt off in one go, we can try and help you negotiate a repayment instalment plan with HMRC to avoid an HMRC order being made. Through our expert contacts at the HMRC we can help you in this process. Once the debt has been paid, we can then help you arrange for the dismissal of the winding up petition to avoid the worst effects of a winding up order being made.

Action you can take even if you cannot pay the debt

If you cannot pay the HMRC winding up petition debt in part or in full, there are other alternatives available which may help save the company.

  • one of these is to consider putting the company into formal administration and helping restructure the company;
  • we have expert lawyers at Francis Wilks & Jones who can talk you through this company rescue process;
  • the insolvency restructuring team is headed up by Tim Francis who has over 25 years of experience in this type of work.

We also have expert contacts with third parties and restructuring experts and it can be that if a proper plan is put forward to HMRC, they will support some form of restructuring. This can include putting the company into some form of company voluntary arrangement and further information can be provided relating to this.

We can also apply to court for a validation order to allow you to continue trading safely and without risk of personal claims against directors.

No matter how bleak it may feel being faced with an HMRC winding up petition, we at Francis Wilks & Jones have the team who can help you. We can help avoid the worst of winding up orders being made but it is crucial that you contact us early to help maximise the prospects of success.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s leading firm of company rescue and winding up petition solicitors. We are genuine experts in what we do and regularly deal with HMRC problems for clients. We can help have the petition removed. Call us today for your initial consultation.

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