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It is possible to defend an HMRC winding up petition, but only with expert legal help. HMRC are well known for taking a tough approach with companies which owe them money. But our team of lawyers supported by an ex HMRC expert of 18 years can help you keep trading. We often negotiate settlements for companies and resolve the petition by consent.

If you have received an HMRC winding up petition, we are the firm to help you. We deal with many winding up orders and winding up petitions and have helped hundreds of companies over the years.

We can help in a variety of ways including

Whatever the position, if you have received an HMRC winding up petition, we can help you through the winding up process which can at first seem highly frightening. Let us take that pressure off you and give you the expert assistance that you require to deal with a winding up petition received from the HMRC.

Our expert team of HMRC winding up petition solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are here to help you with your winding up petition questions and deal with the HMRC claims. Our knowledge of winding up orders is significant and we have dealt with hundreds of HMRC winding up petitions. Our practical daily experience and legal expertise means that we can assist whatever the nature of your HMRC problem.

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