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Welcome to Francis Wilks & Jones, one of the country’s leading firms of specialist trade finance lawyers. Our trade finance lawyers can help businesses navigate complex cross-border challenges. Our experienced team have dealt with a broad range of financial instruments used in import and export finance transactions such as bank guarantees, bills of exchange and letters of credit.

We aim to provide clarity not only on the different financial products but also provide bespoke and tailored advice for import and export finance transactions.

Export Finance

Export finance is specialist finance designed to help your company to grow and increase trade. Export finance helps businesses release working capital from cross-border or domestic trade transactions, this working capital can be tied up in invoices or purchase orders. Are you a business that is worried about the up-front cost of producing, shipping and delivering the goods? If yes, then export finance may be the solution. Don’t delay. Call now for a friendly consultation on trade finance.

What is export finance?

What is export finance? At Francis Wilks & Jones we have a team who can provide you with assistance all on your export finance queries. In this article we have provided you with a brief explanation on the difference between export finance and trade finance. But contact us now for any of your export finance queries.

Import Finance

What is import finance? Import finance is the capital that is used to bring goods into the country. Import finance transactions can be a significant burden on a company’s cash-flow because the delays and complications often involved mean money is paid or committed long before the goods are delivered. Import finance transactions can also add uncertainty to the transaction due to the changing freight rates and additional import tariffs.

However using import finance does not have to be difficult and buying from a company overseas can be relatively straightforward. Contact one of our expert import finance solicitors who can answer all your queries.

What is an import finance facility?

What is an import finance facility is a question that we are frequently basked by our business clients. There are many types of import finance, such as invoice factoring, import loans, bank guarantees, asset-backed facilities, amongst others, that help importers to raise capital as they source vital goods and raw materials from overseas suppliers. As a firm with extensive breadth of experience and knowledge in trade finance, we have provided an overview on what is import finance facility.

Contact one of our lawyers to get you expert advice.

What is import and export trade?

Moving raw materials, incomplete goods and finished products between trade jurisdictions can be cumbersome with regulatory complexity, financial risk and business uncertainty. As a result, many of our business client refrain from engaging in importing or exporting. However, import and export trade are fundamental to business as often materials or goods are found in one country but needed in another and this leads to import and export trade. ​

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