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The financial affairs of a company entering any form of insolvency process can often be complicated. This is particularly true where the former directors use their control and knowledge of the company’s affairs pre-insolvency to improve their own position or that of their business associates and connected parties.

How our team can help

The unpicking and recovery of such unauthorised transactions is understandably a high priority for insolvency practitioners.

This is especially the case where the company has limited residual funds available in its estate for

  • the performance of the office holder’s duties;
  • payment of certain expenses; and
  • taking action against directors for any misfeasance or wrongful trading in the run up to the company’s administration.

Our specialist insolvency team is highly experienced in unpicking such transactions and realising their value for the benefit of the insolvency estate. We understand the need for commerciality and a bespoke approach tailored to the funds in your appointment. We can help alleviate the stress of dealing with problematic and complicated antecedent transactions by advising and guiding insolvency office-holders on the proportionality and prospects of success in pursuing such claims.

We also regularly assist our insolvency practitioner clients in attaining After The Event insurance cover where funds in a job are limited and, in some instances, can guide you through the process of selling your potential cause of action to a litigation purchaser and financing company.

If you have any questions regarding our services in respect of antecedent transactions or any type of debt recovery service that we provide to insolvency practitioners more generally, do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated insolvency specialists for an informal discussion.

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