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Our specialist insolvency team at Francis Wilks & Jones acts closely with the creditor services departments at our insolvency practitioner clients. We regularly liaise with creditors to collate support for appointments, assuage any concerns or practical difficulties that may apply in a potential creditor appointment and can provide detailed and comprehensive advice as to the feasibility and proportionality of each distinct insolvency procedure

We help ensure that our insolvency practitioner clients are appointed on behalf of the creditors in the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable way possible.

We utilise our extensive experience in this area to alleviate the not inconsiderable stress often involved in embarking upon the lengthier and more complex creditor-led entry routes into formal insolvency.

Where assisting insolvency practitioners with creditor services, we can draw on our broader experience in advising insolvency practitioners on the assessment of financial misconduct such as

  • fraudulent and wrongful trading; and
  • antecedent transactions or unlawful dividends post-appointment.

We offer our clients our bespoke debt collection software developed for our debt recovery department to maximise returns to the creditors involved.

If you require assistance or advice as to your provision of creditor services as an insolvency practitioner, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team today.

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