England and Wales has historically been renowned for the strength of its legal system. This is especially so in London, which has a global reputation for justice built on its common law system. Based in the heart of London - our brilliant team is here to help.

The benefits of resolving international disputes by Arbitration in London are huge. Amongst these are:

Common law expertise

This common law system originated all the way back in the reign of King Henry II in 1154-80 and has established a long body of precedence, which is the principle that a rule established in a previous case, i.e. a judicial decision is binding on the lower courts. It is a system that is recognised worldwide, deriving from England and Wales, with one third of the word’s population currently living in common law jurisdiction.

Contract law expertise

Similarly, English contract law enjoys a well-established profile, and it is common to see international contracts governed by ‘the law of England and Wales’. In the context of international arbitration, this has led to demand in English qualified advocate to act on behalf of disputing parties, and English judges as arbitrators.

London recognised for solving international disputes

These factors have led to  London becoming and remaining a significant ‘seat’ for international disputes, due to its internally recognised practice, its basis in English law, and high legal standards. Parties therefore not native to the United Kingdom often choose London as the neutral seat for the arbitration of their dispute.

The London Court of International Arbitration

The London Court of International Arbitration is a renowned arbitral institution set up in 1891 and is now a well-established international institution.

  • it has innovative and updated rules, as well as model clauses for arbitration agreements.
  • typically over 80% of LCIA cases are not of English nationality.
  • The LCIA has access to an exceptional talent pool of arbitrators, and is available for use to all contracting parties, with no membership requirements.
  • In 2020, the LCIA received 444 referrals, and administered 407 claims, with its rules widely praised by the parties.

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