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The invoice discounting definition is often presented as a straight-forward SME finance option.

Invoice discounting involves the financer’s purchase of some or all of the debts outstanding to your business.

  • you receive the money in advance of the invoice due date;
  • when your customer pays the invoice, the money goes straight to the invoice finance provider to a trust account in your businesses name;
  • the invoice finance provider takes the money advances and their fee and forwards you the rest;
  • with invoice discounting, the customer typically isn’t aware that they are paying a funder.

Invoice finance can be a convenient way to maintain cash-flow, but it can be expensive and it does require ongoing administration from the business. If you invoice often and have a wide customer-base, invoice factoring may be a more convenient option.

Before you enter into an invoice discounting or factoring facility agreement, it is important that you know exactly how it will operate, and the day-to-day requirements. Unlike other kinds of loans, invoice discounting is not “pay and walk away”.

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