HomeFWJ TakeawayInternational arbitrationIs Arbitration a part of ADR?

In short, yes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is any such method that does not involve formal litigation. Arbitration is a more formal type of ADR than mediation and has sometimes been described as a “private litigation system2.

ADR comes in many various forms which include:

  1. Arbitration
  2. Mediation
  3. Conciliation
  4. Adjudication

Generally, the benefits of ADR is that it allows the parties to be more flexible with their solutions as a sensible and cost effective way of keeping litigants out of Court. It is supposed to reduce costs and delays, and can do so, although ADR costs have been criticised in the past for being too high. This mainly comes down to the mentality of the parties, and if parties attend ADR with a litigious, win at all costs mindset, they are unlikely to reap the benefits of ADR.   

It looks likely that ADR will become compulsory in all types of claims and disputes in England & Wales in 2022.  A recent report by the Civil Justice Council in June 2021 recommended changes to the current court processes to make ADR compulsory rather than voluntary. As such – Arbitration will continue to be of great importance in helping to resolve disputes – whether domestic or international

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