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If you need help getting invoices paid - our brilliant team can help. We provide a range of hard hitting letters before action - at highly competitive prices. We are the team for you.

A letter before action is a type of letter commonly used to recover outstanding invoices or debts.

However, it can be used to make demands in different types of claims such as building disputes, boundary disputes and even clinical negligence. However, the most common use is to recover an unpaid invoice or unpaid invoices.

At Francis Wilks & Jones, our brilliant debt recovery team has over 20 years’ experience helping clients collect unpaid invoices.

A letter before action is also known by other terms such as a

  • letter before claim;
  • a solicitor’s letter before action;
  • a debt recovery letter;
  • a debt recovery letter before action;
  • solicitor’s letter;
  • letter before court action;
  • debt collection letter; and
  • late payment letter.

Whatever terminology, at Francis Wilks & Jones we are the experts in drafting bespoke letters before action to help maximise our client’s prospects of recovering their debt.

Defending a letter before claim

We can also advise individuals or companies who have received a letter before action and do not know what to do. How to respond to a letter of demand is something we can greatly assist you with. The receipt of a letter before action can be quite a frightening thing. The key is never to panic but to take quick and effective advice as to how best to deal with the letter before action.

Whatever your circumstances, we are the experts for you. If you have a letter before action query, then please contact one of our expert debt recovery advisers.

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