A Freezing Order is a very serious type of court order. Our legal team has been advising business, financiers and individuals since 2002 on all aspects of freezing injunctions. Let us help you too.

Mareva injunctions (or freezing orders / freezing injunctions as they are commonly known), are a very serious type of court order.

  • Mareva injunctions are orders sought from a court when a claimant has a claim against a defendant but is also concerned that that the defendants monies or assets may be put beyond the claimants reach;
  • a Mareva injunction can help preserve a defendant’s assets whilst the main claim between the two sides is subject to litigation proceedings in the ordinary way;
  • a Mareva injunction is designed to ensure that if the claimant is successful in its litigation there are still identifiable assets against which a judgement can be enforced. 

However, Mareva injunctions are not easily to obtain from court. To have a chance of success of obtaining a Mareva injunction you need specialist legal assistance. They are amongst the most serious types of orders a court can grant and therefore are not granted lightly.

Conversely, if you find yourself served with a Mareva injunction, then you will need expert legal advice on how best to deal with the very serious obligations set out in the court order and to ensure that you do not breach the terms of the Mareva injunction. If you do breach the terms of the Mareva injunction this can lead to a contempt of court application by a claimant and at worst, imprisonment if it is not remedied. 

Whether you are looking to obtain a Mareva injunction or have been served with a Mareva injunction, the expert team at Francis Wilks & Jones have significant experience in all types of Mareva injunction applications and ancillary court applications arising from it. Whatever your enquiry, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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