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Non-payment of invoices can cause significant issues for any business. Our brilliant team has helped businesses get paid over the last 20 years. Let us help you too.

Fast effective credit control backed up by a robust solicitor’s letters can hugely help in terms of collecting unpaid invoices.

Our brilliant debt recovery team at Francis Wilks & Jones has collected tens of millions of pounds for our clients. We use a combination of

  • many years’ expertise – helping businesses since 2002;
  • a fantastic letter before action suite of documents;
  • a completely state of the art debt recovery system;
  • a great team fighting for you;
  • competitive costings.

Whatever you call them – letters before action, letter before claim or debt recovery letter – we are the firm who can help you. An effective letter before action is always something to use in circumstances where a debt has not been paid.

At FWJ we have a wonderful track record of collecting many millions of pounds for our clients in a fast effective manner. An effective well worded solicitor’s letter can also avoid future expense involved in court proceedings. Therefore, we can help you collect your debts using a letter before action on a fast, efficient and cost effective basis.

Call the UK’s leading debt recovery team today and we can help. Fast effective advice. We can get your debt paid.

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