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Norwich Pharmacal orders are a type of court order to compel a third party not directly involved in the freezing order proceedings to disclosure documentation or information. Our team can help obtain these orders or act for third parties served with them.

What is a Norwich Pharmacal order?

A Norwich Pharmacal order is a court order for disclosure of documents or information from a third party.

How are they different to standard disclosure applications?

A Norwich Pharmacal order differs from standard applications for pre-action disclosure in advance of formal court proceedings.

Key differences are

  • under the Civil Procedure Rules, an application for pre-action disclosure is made where it is likely that the respondent is going to be a party to the proceedings;
  • under the Civil Procedure Rules, such an application can only relate to disclosure of documentation whereas under a Norwich Pharmacal order, the application can also relate to the disclosure of information.

When is this type of order normally used?

A Norwich Pharmacal order is most typically sought in order to obtain information / documentation which will allow the applicant to identify a person who cannot be identified without first obtaining the information from the respondent.

Once the respondent has provided the information/documentation to the applicant under the Norwich Pharmacal order, the applicant would then be in a position to bring proceedings against the defendant wrongdoer which they would otherwise have been unable to do without the use of a Norwich Pharmacal order.

These types of orders are hard to obtain

Norwich Pharmacal orders are very intrusive and as such, the court will closely scrutinise the applicant’s evidence before granting a Norwich Pharmacal order. Legal advice is strongly recommended in order to boost the chances of success.

It is very important that the applicant provides a detailed written statement setting out the factual background to the Norwich Pharmacal order application. If the application is seeking a Norwich Pharmacal order on a without notice basis then the need for urgency must be explained to the court before they will consider making a Norwich Pharmacal order.

Our team at Francis Wilks & Jones are experts Norwich Pharmacal orders. We are highly successful in assisting clients with obtaining Norwich Pharmacal orders and third parties served with such orders. Contact us now for a friendly consultation.  

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